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Are your lubricants handling the heat and humidity in your steel mill?

Constant exposure to water, high temperatures, and the pressure of on-time production – the demands are extreme. 

The harsh environments in steel mills place incredible demands on lubricants that keep equipment running. What you need is a grease that performs consistently under pressure and works hard for you.

If you’re frustrated at seeing this (image below) in your plant, it’s time to change to the right grease – TECPLEX® high-performance grease that handles more than just the heat.

Move from this burnt black, oxidized grease…

to this bright, light brown grease showing minimal oxidation.

TECPLEX® 2460 is a calcium sulfonate grease that’s specifically developed for steel mill operations. The product is formulated to withstand intense heat while providing excellent protection from the extreme demands of heavy steel processing loads.

In contrast to lithium greases, TECPLEX® 2460 is naturally resistant to water washout while also providing additional protection to equipment during downtime by absorbing water that could potentially corrode bearings and other parts.

Don’t let the heat of oxidized grease get to you, contact us today for a quote:

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