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keep mining equipment running for longer

TECPLEX® range of greases is designed specifically to keep mining equipment running for longer.
high performance grease

In the punishing mining environment, bearings and gears are constantly exposed to wear and corrosion. While equipment costs range from R100K to R20m, or more, the real cost implications that mine operators want to avoid is equipment downtime.

With a 105-year track record, Daubert Chemicals™ TECPLEX® range of greases is designed specifically to prevent corrosion while providing lubrication under the heaviest loads in the most extreme conditions. 

Daubert’s fully synthetic sulphonate chemistry ensures that TECPLEX® lubricants not only withstand the most extreme loads but also prevent wear on moving parts without having to rely on additives known to limit the product’s usable life. This also means that the lubricants last longer and protect better than other options on the market.

TECPLEX® greases have the highest weld point possible and are fortified with a solid lubricant (molybdenum disulphide) that provides an added layer of protection if the fluid part of the grease fails.

The improved lifespan of TECPLEX® greases also reduces lubricant consumption and waste. Additionally, by not having to rely on formulation additives, toxicity concerns from heavy metal additives are eliminated.

Greases that assure mining operators of high levels of versatility, as well as protection against demanding environments, offer real value because they keep equipment running for longer. This was true in the case of a Caterpillar 944 loader hinge pins at a Chilean mine where joint life was increased by 2 000 hours compared to typical performance, and a hinge pin was restored to near-new condition after 12 000 operating hours. Click here to read the case study. 

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👓 TECPLEX® 1150HP – Caterpillar 994 Loader Pins Case Study case study:

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