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Prevent Up To 50% Of Premature Bearing Failures by working with BiSA.

Most bearing related failures are attributed to bad lubrication management. At BiSA, we pride ourselves on discovering where plants can be more efficient and provide you with a successfully tested and proven lubrication system. 

By addressing the 6 Rs of lubrication with our Complete Lubrication Solution, we prevent up to 50% of premature bearing failures. Our solution includes:

By addressing the 6 Rs of lubrication with our Complete Lubrication Solution, we prevent up to 50% of premature bearing failures. Our solution includes:

The Right lubricant

Drawing on functional additive technologies, Daubert ensures that the calcium sulfonate is correctly administered into the grease to avoid an over-reliance on lubrication additives. In this way, a longer-lasting lubricant is created to perform under extreme industrial applications.

The Right Amount

Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) software calculates specific greasing requirements needed for a single bearing. MQL assists in minimising your environmental impact by significantly reducing fluid usage and eliminating the need for coolant treatment and disposal.

The Right Method

Our dedicated lubrication management software, Industry 4.0, is a powerful tool for scheduling responsive lubrication, supervising, and recording consolidated data records. Keeping track of records assists in foreseeing problems that may occur before they cause unnecessary downtime. 

The Right Point

Our RFID tagging technology allows us to automatically track tags attached to specific points, allowing for routine inspection checks to identify pitfalls or shortcomings at each point. Servicing the right point at the right time saves you both time and money. 

The Right People

At BiSA we offer a complete lubrication solution. We do not merely sell and deliver lubrication devices, our dedicated service team uses a task-orientated approach to identify the pitfalls and challenges you face and then provide you with a professional, cost-effective solution that optimizes your plant and equipment operations.

The Right Solution

BiSA utilises  propriety software that ensures an effective, accountable lube program. Our electro- mechanical lubricator ensures constant fresh, clean lubricant at the right amount and the right time around the clock. 

Contact BiSA to reduce downtime and achieve longer lasting machinery life that will improve production performance and productivity.

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