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Tecplex – BiSA Authorised Distributor Southern Africa Region

Supplying high performance calcium sultanate greases to the market at affordable price


As available resources become scarce, today’s mining operations are pushing the boundaries of exploration using new and innovative technologies. Sites are starting to dig deeper, and companies have begun to explore previously off-grid sites in extreme conditions. When equipment is pushed to the edge of technological capabilities, every hour of uptime…. every day added to a maintenance interval… can be the difference between success and failure 


Daubert Chemical is a specialty chemical company with a portfolio of coatings and lubricants designed to extend the life of durable equipment exposed to extreme conditions. Foundedin 1935, they have become a preferred solutions provider to the global automotive industry, US military, and various other heavy industries. Their technology is designed specifically to prevent corrosion while providing lubrication under the heaviest loads in the most extreme conditions.


Unlike other lubricant manufacturers who make grease and other fluids form additive packages and base oils, Daubert is a fully integrated chemical company that makes its own functional chemistry to prevent corrosion and wear. A world-class, fully synthetic sulphonate chemistry allows Daubert lubricants to withstand the most extreme loads in the mining industry, while preventing wear on moving parts without over-reliance on additives that tend to have a limited usable life. the result is a lubricant that lasts longer and protects better the another available resources.


The Tecplex line of calcium sulphonate greases provide mining operators with number of improvements to their environmental footprint. The improved life of our greases allos for reduced lubricant consumption… creating less waste. In addition, the lack of reliance on additives in our formulations eliminates a source of heavy metal additives that would be a source of toxicity concerns. Furthermore, our rust preventative coatings come in a variety of low-VOC options for safe indoor application.

Greases rated for extremely heavy loads, that meet or exceed OEM specifications. based on Calcium Sulphonate and Molybdenum Disulfide. TecPlex 00150HP, 0150HP, 1150HP, 2150HP (Grades 00 & 0-2, ISO150)

Off-Road greases formulated with 100% synthetic base oil for maximum protection in extreme cold.
Tecplex 0220SB, 1220SB, 2220SBT (Grades 0-2, ISO220)

High-performance greases for heavy loads without the use of Molybdenum Disulfide.
Tecplex 0460EPG, 1460EPG, 2460EPG (Grades 0-2, ISO460)

Non-Moly greases for general purpose off-road equipment

TecPlex 2220 (Grade 2, ISO220) 2460TK (Grade 2, ISO 460)

Best-in-class wire rope field dressing for dragline, boom, and haulage ropes. Prevents wear and protects from corrosion. Also effective for pins, bushings and other parts

All TecPlex H1 greases are Kosher and Halal approved, and designed to work under the specifications of most food equipment OEMs. TECPLEX 2100H1M, 2220H1, 2100S H1, 2220S H1, 2040S H1

Provides excellent lubrication for high speed bearings and sensitive robotics in food processing facilities


TECPLEX HP Mining Greases 

TECPLEX Arctic Mining Greases 

TECPLEX Emerald Series 

TECPLEX Off-Road Greases 


TECPLEX Food Grade (H1) Greases

TECPLEX Robotic Greases 

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