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Tired of downtime and production loss? We hear you!

Do you want to avoid downtime, production loss, and unscheduled maintenance are what you want to avoid at all costs?  Whether you are the operations manager, maintenance engineer or contracts manager, you all have one common goal – to optimize your plant’s expenditure.

At BiSA, our mission is to optimize your equipment’s cost of operations and extend the bearing and rotating equipment’s lifespan so that you can significantly save on your operating expenditure. 

One of the ways we support you to do this is by supplying high-performance greases that are specifically designed to withstand the most extreme loads in the mining and manufacturing industries. Our lubricants help to prevent wear on moving parts without overly relying on additives that are known to have a limited usable life.

Meet TECPLEX®! A calcium sulfonate grease that’s been developed for extreme industrial applications. This is not just “another grease”. 

Other grease manufacturers source a calcium sulfonate concentrate from one of several well-known additive companies, which adds unnecessary steps to the process and frequently leads to points of failure.

Daubert Chemicals’™, on the other hand, manufactures its sulfonates from scratch and adds them directly into the grease to provide long-lasting performance and the avoidance of an over-reliance on lubricant additives.

TECPLEX® high-performance lubricants helps you save Downtime And Production Loss

With a 105-year track record, Daubert Chemicals’™ TECPLEX® series of greases are designed specifically to prevent corrosion while providing lubrication under the heaviest loads in the most extreme conditions.

Test TECPLEX® today and say goodbye to your downtime worries.

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Save On Downtime and Production Loss

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