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TECPLEX® high-performance lubricants

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Tired of downtime and production loss  because of bad lubrication systems?

Tired of downtime and production loss  because of bad lubrication systems?

We have a lasting solution for you! 

TECPLEX® high-performance lubricants

Our greases are designed to withstand the most extreme loads in the mining and manufacturing industry. Our lubricants assist in preventing wear on moving parts without over-reliance on additives that tend to have limited usable life.

Test it out today and save yourself the downtime!

Team BiSA

Is poor lubrication costing you money from failed equipment? 

Our dedicated service team uses a professional, task-orientated approach to identify the pitfalls and challenges you face. The result? A cost-effective solution that optimizes your plant and equipment operations. 

Book a plant survey today and let us help you find the right solution for your operation.

Steel mill
If you can’t stand the heat, let us handle it for you 

Tired of your mill not handling the heat in your continuous castor? Do you find your grease burning away, leaving your equipment at risk? If so, it’s time to change to the right grease for the right job! 

TECPLEX® high-performance grease can handle the heat! 

Our greases are designed for:

  • Superior protection from rust and corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to water washout
  • Outstanding high-temperature properties
  • Mechanical stability and resistance to separating 
  • Easy pumping

Test TECPLEX® today and save yourself the downtime.

TECPLEX®  isn’t just “another grease” 

You’ve tried all the standard lithium greases, as well as some of the more complex calcium sulfonate greases, so why are you still experiencing endless equipment failures? 

If you are want to prevent premature equipment failure, optimize operations, and protect your machinery against the harsh environments in which it operates, then TECPLEX® ticks all the boxes. 

TECPLEX® is a calcium sulfnotate oil-based grease that’s manufactured by one of the oldest grease manufacturers in America – Daubert Chemical Corporation. 

With its 105-year track record, Daubert Chemicals range of TECPLEX® greases is designed specifically to prevent corrosion while providing lubrication under the heaviest loads in the most extreme conditions.

Try TECPLEX® today to see for yourself why it’s different. 

Cut your lubricant costs at your plant’s peril

In today’s tough economy we know that the temptation to cut costs is high. 

However, using cheaper greases that are not properly qualified to operate in the extreme conditions of steel mills will significantly increase your costs in the long run. 

Lubricant costs represent just a fraction of your total maintenance budget – not to mention unscheduled downtime and lost production – compared to the cost of replacement parts for failed bearings, chocks, and roll necks. 

When switching from a traditional lithium grease, TECPLEX® steel mill greases are proven to reduce lubricant consumption, as well as increase the life of frequently replaced parts to ensure your savings increase and your productivity improves. 

Try TECPLEX® today to see the savings for yourself.

TECPLEX® Keeps your equipment running for longer! 

TECPLEX® provides the highest level of performance for the lubrication of equipment in open pit mining operations. Engineered with 5% molybdenum disulfide, TECPLEX® protects equipment from the stress of frequent shocks and scooping/hauling/grinding massive loads of earth. 

Designed to exceed OEM specifications for weld points with an 800kg rating, TECPLEX® goes beyond typical mining greases to improve uptime and extend the life of bearings, pins, bushings, and other moving parts. It’s also highly effective as a wire rope lubricant for shafts and draglines. 

Try TECPLEX® today to see for yourself how your plant’s performance improves.

How often does a lubricant exceed your expectations? 

Designed to exceed OEM specifications TECPLEX® goes beyond typical mining greases. TECPLEX® 0150HP is engineered with 5% molybdenum disulfide to protect equipment from the extreme pressures resulting from shock loading and is formulated to meet or exceed Caterpillar® specifications of 4-ball weld points up to 800kg.

Daubert Chemicals™ fully synthetic sulphonate chemistry ensures that TECPLEX® lubricants not only withstand the most extreme loads but also prevent wear on moving parts without having to rely on additives known to limit the product’s usable life. This also means that the lubricants last longer and protect better than other options on the market.

At BiSA, pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations, which we do by adding value through our products and services without adding costs to your operations. 

TECPLEX® is manufactured to exceed your expectations. Give it a try today.

Environmentally friendly formulation 

Daubert Chemical is a specialty chemical company with a portfolio of coatings and lubricants designed to extend the life of durable equipment exposed to extreme conditions. Its technology is designed specifically to prevent corrosion while providing lubrication under the heaviest loads in the most extreme conditions, but not at the expense of the environment.

The TECPLEX® line of calcium sulphonate greases provides mining operators with numerous improvements to their environmental footprints. The improved lifespan of TECPLEX® greases not only reduces lubricant consumption and waste but also eliminates the reliance on formulation additives, removing toxicity concerns about heavy metal additives.

Additionally, our rust preventative coatings come in a variety of low-VOC options for safe indoor application.

Perfecting the art of lubrication the BiSA way

Most bearing related failures are attributed to bad lubrication management. At BiSA, we pride ourselves on discovering where plants can be more efficient and provide you with a successfully tested and proven lubrication system. 

By addressing the 6 Rs of lubrication with our Complete Lubrication Solution, we prevent up to 50% of premature bearing failures. Our solution includes:

  • The right lubricant
  • The right amount
  • The right method
  • The right point
  • The right people
  • The right solution
Is your lubrication solution the right choice for your plant? 

The primary job of lubrication is to reduce friction between moving parts in bearings and other rotating equipment. It also dissipates heat generated by friction inside bearings.

To ensure optimal working conditions for bearings and rotating plant and equipment, we ensure your equipment has the right amount of grease that’s consistently applied, and that problems are timeously detected, associated risks are mitigated, and catastrophic failures and unexpected downtime are avoided. 

What does a tailor-made lubrication solution mean for your plant?

Most bearing related failures are attributed to bad lubrication management. At BiSA, we pride ourselves on discovering where plants can be more efficient and provide you with a successfully tested and proven lubrication system. 

With our Complete Lubrication Solution, you get: 

  • Cost savings as a result of longer machine life. 
  • Extended bearing life that reduces downtime as a result of unexpected bearing failure.
  • Reduced man-hours required for lubrication.
  • Better safety for personnel who no longer need to get to dangerous, hard to access areas. 
  • A reduction in lubrication use and costs.
  • Peace of mind that critical components are lubricated regardless of their location or ease of use.
  • Optimal lubricant distribution because it’s applied during machine operation.
  • Cost and time-saving thanks to reduced wear on components, extended component life, and less downtime and fewer costs associated with breakdowns and replacement parts. 
  • Increased machine uptime with fewer to no breakdowns and maintenance shutdowns.
Going beyond the bearing to optimized operations 

At BiSA we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of bearings and the environments in which they operate which was why moving beyond the bearing was a natural progression for us to further optimize your equipment’s cost of operations.

What this means for you:

  • Our field service teams care about achieving optimal operational efficiency for you while establishing an in-depth understanding of your plant and equipment needs. We treat your bearings, plant and equipment as if they’re our own. 
  • When we complete a job we put our name on it and assure you it will operate as well if not better than new equipment. 
  • Our teams look beyond their instructions to offer you extra eyes on the task and are committed to bringing anything out of the ordinary to your attention.

If your plant can benefit from our teams’ extensive knowledge, assured service, and proactive approach, give us a call to discuss your needs.

TECPLEX® range extends beyond mining

BiSA is an authorized South African representative for the Daubert Chemical Corporation that’s been operating for 105 years.  

Our Daubert Chemical TECPLEX® range extends beyond mining to include general purpose and food-grade applications. TECPLEX® is a line of specialty greases – based on calcium sulfonate, polyurea, and clay thickeners – that offer superior quality, performance and versatility for virtually any application.

For general-purpose use, calcium sulfonate greases are an excellent alternative to traditional lithium complex greases and offer consistent performance in extreme conditions. Thanks to their improved high pressure and water resistance, they’re ideal for automotive and robotics applications, and their inherent rust prevention properties keep equipment running for longer.

Whatever your application, we’ve got a solution for you. Call us today for a consultation. 

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